Our Team

Ryan Andrews

Ryan is the President of The Branding Agency and leads a sales force of over 12 professionals. Due to the company’s rapid expansion, he is currently seeking to expand this team. Ryan has worked in the promotional products industry for around 20 years and plans to continue forward. A strong commitment to clients has allowed him to work in this industry for almost two decades. He focuses on each person’s needs and finds their individually best solution. To satisfy a multitude of companies, Ryan offers print marketing like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and catalogs. He also provides a variety of promotional products including apparel, drinkware, pens, bags, and tech items. These goods and services offer the best return on the company’s advertising dollar. Ryan sees beyond product and forms of advertising to consider the process and workflow of his customers. Often, he finds financially superior solutions for company dynamics. These solutions assume various forms. Among these is the online ordering platform which can control a company’s budget, brand, product offering, and warehousing fulfillment. By controlling and moderating many facets through an online platform, the client’s marketing process is greatly simplified. Ryan supplies the best ideas and methods to fit any company’s marketing needs. 


Andy Harmatz

Andy Harmatz is one of The Branding Agency’s founding partners and is currently the Senior Director of major North American accounts. The agency’s credibility has been greatly enhanced due to his thoughtfulness and proactive attitude. His comprehensive understanding of brands and their marketing goals allows Andy to succeed. Both large corporations and small companies rely on Andy because his marketing programs are clear and effective. Not only does he understand the broader objectives of each client, but he focuses on small details to find the best solutions possible. Prior to joining The Branding Agency, Andy spent time at three other companies in this industry. He has been fully immersed in sales, marketing, and business management for over 20 years. His variety of experiences lends him unparalleled expertise. 


Bob Smith

Bob knows every in and out of the printing industry. Before he took his talents to The Branding Agency, he spent many years specializing in print. Now, as Regional Sales Manager, Bob’s knowledge of Print Communication has been an extremely valuable asset. He frequently assists team members with print-based projects. His print expertise helped him branch into promotional products and apparel. With over 33 years of experience, Bob knows how to find the right solution for any marketing need. Due to his commitment to finding the best solution for every client, transitioning to the promotional product industry was a seamless process. He works to ensure the satisfaction of any client by designing a plan to best fit their branding objective. In doing so, Bob expands and retains The Branding Agency’s client base. 


Wendy McDermott

Wendy participates in every stage of product development. Her role at The Branding Agency fluctuates due to the various services she provides. Over thirty years in this industry have trained her in graphic design, sales, and customer relations. She understands the nature of promotional products as well as print. She has spent many years gaining experience in both sides of marketing. Regardless of what field Wendy contributes to, she is passionate about customer relations. By following up with and closely listening to each client, she secures the success of every customer’s experience. The extensive product research she has conducted strengthens her expertise in promotional products. After seeing countless brands and their offerings, she has the ability to find the best quality products for the lowest prices. If you work with Wendy, she will efficiently manage your order from its inception to its final state. 


Scot Miller

Scot’s primary focus as a Senior Account Executive is to provide the best service in the industry. His dedication stems from being “all about service.” As he promotes a variety of marketing solutions, Scot continues to be a crucial point of contact with customers. He facilitates the most effective manner of branding possible. In terms of dedication, Scot’s efforts are unparalleled. Even on vacation, his laptop and phone are readily available. The constant attention he pays customers demonstrates a determination to exceed the expectations of the people he works for and with. A resolution to succeed, coupled with an extensive understanding of the industry, yield his indubitably reliable service. Before joining The Branding Agency, a little over a year ago, he devoted a majority of his career to the print industry. Thanks to this prior experience, The Branding Agency can provide even better print solutions. His transition from print to promotional products has been seamless. As a result of his tireless work for clients, he strengthens The Branding Agency’s dependability


Phillip Simson

Phillip is the Senior Sales Director and has 14 years of experience in the promotional products and corporate apparel business. A Raleigh, NC native and Wake Forest University graduate, Phillip's professional career has been focused on developing the best branded solutions for his customers. Phillip's company, Spyglass Promotions based in Raleigh, partnered with The Branding Agency in early 2018 and he's excited to offer additional competencies to customers including: webstores, fulfillment, in-house embroidery, and more customer service support. Phillip's philosophy is grounded by the belief that personal relationships are crucial for the success of any business. The promotional products industry has enabled him to meet a variety of wonderful people and learn about a tremendous number of products. He loves the industry and believes that not only are the products we work with fun, but also a critical component to any company's advertising efforts. Phillip's experience is vast in business development, target marketing, and strategic management. He also provides extensive product knowledge and believes in truly understanding each customer's goals to offer the best branding solution. When working with Phillip, you will experience four core values: "CARE” Clarity, Accountability, Responsiveness, and Ethics. 


Pete Niciphor

Pete is an industry veteran since 1986 with a passion to help clients to succeed. He has been awarded numerous company recognitions in client care. He looks first to understand the big picture to each company’s goals and objectives and providing solutions to that end. Over the years he has supported national and local (Richmond, VA) companies. He is well versed in print, print and mail, labels, fulfilment/kitting, promo, marketing campaigns.


Brie Henderson

Brie is a prominent sales representative at The Branding Agency. She is genuinely interested in strong client partnerships and the pursuit of exceptional service. Having studied at both the University of Pennsylvania and Duquesne University, Brie holds a highly specialized set of skills. Her interpersonal skills have enabled her to have over 18 years of success in customer service and promotional marketing industries. Due to the duration of her commitment, she brings a wealth of knowledge to this agency. Clients use her to reach their business goals. Before joining The Branding Agency, she had tenure at Clear Channel Group, where she received the “President’s Award for Sales and Marketing Performance.” This honor recognized excellence among her peer group and testifies to her reliability on our sales staff. In her previous employment at Boundless Network, where she served as Senior Account Executive, she was similarly recognized for outstanding client success. She truly understands and embraces the importance of customer service. Her performance at previous occupations further prove her skills and the work ethic with which she approaches all clients. At The Branding Agency, her ability to work with clients through each stage of marketing is pivotal to customer satisfaction.


 Susan Chesik

Susan is a Customer Service Rep/Order Entry Specialist with The Branding Agency.  Previously Susan worked for the same promotional products company for more than 19 years.  She has worked with both the client and vendor in all aspects of order processing.  Susan has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the promotional products industry including apparel, awards programs, and items for customer appreciation and employee incentives.  In January 2019, Susan joined The Branding Agency where she will continue to provide excellent service to The Branding Agency’s customers and outside sales force.


Taylor Campbell

Taylor joins the team with a vast knowledge in the healthcare field and a specialty in customer service. New to the market, she will be applying her years of experience as our new Marketing Director. With a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in International Relations and Religious Studies, Taylor is well versed in public relations and will use these skills to expand on our largest existing accounts. You can expect to receive enthusiasm, confidence, and a “make-it-happen” attitude when working with her. All which can be pinned on her years of cheerleading, from the age of 5 all the way through her time at VCU. Taylor is most looking forward to the quick growing market and applying both her professional and personal interest to become an asset at The Branding Agency.


Robyn Patterson

Robyn Patterson leads The Branding Agency’s Customer Service team as well as functions as the Inside Sales Manager and Office Manager. As a well-established sales veteran, she brings over 24 years of experience to the Branding Agency. This time has instilled an extensive knowledge of promotional products in her. She is well versed in operating every aspect of this industry, and passionate about doing so. Currently, she ensures that orders are promptly filled and tracked, creating new product presentations and working closely with clients on custom orders. By paying close attention to every client’s needs, she is largely responsible for consistent business retention. Robyn has been a key part of The Branding Agency since its creation. She and the original owner launched the company out of her house. Due to an initially small staff, Robyn assumed multiple titles. She spent 15 years as office manager: and was responsible for all accounting processes. During this almost 25-year commitment to the Branding Agency, Robyn briefly worked for a leading competitor in the industry. There, she applied her talents as lead Customer Service Representative and specialized in direct mail. After gaining an even greater understanding of production, she progressed to the role of Sales Account Executive. Two years ago, Robyn returned to the Branding Agency to become our Inside Sales Manager. In this role, she manages customer services for all inside sales as well as vendor relations. Her commitment and ultimate loyalty to the Branding Agency testifies to our company’s reliability and success.


Tracy Bendheim

Tracy Bendheim joins our team as the Webstore Manager. Tracy has 24+ years’ experience in the promotional products industry with a concentration in embroidery. Her attention to detail and her strong work ethic is vital in this position. Her responsibilities include inventory management, order fulfillment and on demand orders. She works closely with the Warehouse Manager to make sure that our inventory levels are accurate and that orders are processed in a timely manner. Tracy also works closely with our Webstore Coordinator to ensure that the stock levels are up to date and reflect real time inventories on our 14+ webstores. Tracy is a huge asset to The Branding Agency team. 


John Carrington

John is the backbone of The Branding Agency’s online presence. As our head Graphic Designer, he creates and manages numerous webstores. He is able to design and construct online portals for a variety of clients. He shapes and drafts highly variant websites depending on the client’s requests. Thanks to his experience with computer design, John enables the sales of promotional products online. The websites John provides make The Branding Agency’s solutions easily accessible. Tailoring and preserving each site is crucial to satisfying clients. Executing each client’s specific web plan allows them and their company members to easily acquire promotional products. A decade in this industry has thoroughly exposed John to graphic design and rendered him extremely technically proficient. Since he has collaborated with Ryan and associates for over ten years, he has also been fully immersed in other facets of marketing operations. His business marketing degree from the College of Charleston helps him execute the company’s graphic demands with a strong understanding of the company and clients’ goals. Improving the Branding Agency’s online capabilities is not his only duty. He is also responsible for the maintenance of all technical equipment. In this role, he ensures that The Branding Agency runs efficiently so clients can receive prompt and competent service. 


Al Marien

Al Marien is a senior sales representative at The Branding Agency. He was formerly the president and founder of Covedata, Inc., and Proforma Covedata and has over 41 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to the business and non-profit communities. Before he came to the Branding Agency, Al was a specialist in print and the printing industry. He was the second highest revenue producer for the Burroughs Corporation before starting his own business, and he lectured at a number of National Business Forms Association conventions. In addition, he received a design award from Business Forms and Systems Magazine for unique forms design for the American Horse Shows Association. Al has become known as a resource advisor to business in areas such as real estate, disposal of printed material, industry technology, human resources and video. He has continued to expand his expertise in the area of promotional products. As someone who believes in the magic of relationships, Al continues to fulfill client expectations by continuing long term relationships with many national accounts that he has maintained for many years. He is a former military man who loves his family and his work.


Angela Marien

 Angela Marien is a senior sales and business development consultant at The Branding Agency. Prior to joining the team in July of 2020, she worked alongside her father, Al Marien, at Proforma Covedata for 5 years and was promoted to President in 2018.  In 2019, Proforma recognized Angela’s achievements with the prestigious “Rising Star” award at the company’s annual convention.  Angela prides herself on her natural ability to form outstanding client relationships, dynamic interpersonal skills and meticulous attention to detail.  A true professional with a consultative mindset, she is masterful at identifying client needs and seeks to tailor custom solutions that fit those needs.  Her vast knowledge of the promotional product, print and apparel industry has enabled her to create trusted and long-lasting relationships and be a solutions provider for everyone with whom she comes into contact.  In addition to understanding her customers’ branding and marketing goals, she loves being able to add her creativity to the many projects on which she works. Angela holds bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Elementary Education and received her MA in Educational Leadership. A former elementary education teacher and professional singer, she enjoys training in the gym and is an avid travel enthusiast.


Megan Vroom

  Megan Vroom is a Customer Service Representative/Business Relations Specialist.  Prior to this, Megan spent almost a decade in management and store operations for retailers such as Coach and Victoria’s Secret.  Megan received degrees in both English and Theater Arts from Rutgers University. After graduation she spent several years pursuing acting and theater jobs.  Working on the stage taught her to listen, think on her feet, be resourceful, and problem solve with style and creativity.  Helping to run high volume stores she learned that efficiency and accuracy are key components to success.  As a member of The Branding Agency Team she will always go above and beyond to provide the highest standards of customer service.


Doug Patterson

Doug joined The Branding Agency in 2017 as our Warehouse Manager. Doug and his team are responsible for all incoming and outgoing shipments as well as fulfillment of over 15 Webstores. He is also tasked with all aspects of inventory control. Doug’s background is in sales which gives him a unique ability to understand the ins and outs of the industry and the urgency of meeting the client’s needs. When Doug is not in the warehouse you can find him on the baseball field. He has been a fixture in the local baseball coaching community for close to 30 years. He currently is the head coach for Maggie Walker High School and the 17U Richmond Braves.


Trish Corbett

Trish is a recent addition to The Branding Agency Customer Service Representative/Inside Sales Team and services the Pittsburgh office comprising of Bob Smith and Wendy McDermott. Trish’s previous experience lies in the veterinary field. She served as a Veterinary Technician in surgery and emergency care. Though her life passion has always been animals her job became mentally and physically exhausting. After marrying her best friend last year and with the anticipation of starting a family she looked for another career path. Trish has been a quick study and has adapted to her new role with ease. She looks forward to growing, learning and taking advantage of new opportunities within The Branding Agency. “I look forward to my journey with this awesome company and team!” We couldn’t agree more!

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