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Mission Statement

The Branding Agency aims to be your preferred marketing partner by creating quality products and branding ideas while ensuring a consistently strong commitment to every client. We are a full-service marketing agency that provides branded merchandise, apparel, print collateral, direct mail services, and digital marketing. The close attention we pay each client and unparalleled expertise of our creative team allow us to deliver the best marketing solutions possible.


Promotional Product

The Branding Agency offers a diverse variety of merchandise in all price ranges. The creation and distribution of promotional products will strengthen your company’s opportunity to grow and succeed. Using promotional products increases brand recognition and therefore, your profits. It is our goal to help you succeed. Our abilities answer any company’s marketing needs. The Branding Agency will fulfill your request for advertising purposes, client gifts, or event needs. We can design campaigns, corporate gifts, online store programs, employee incentive programs, recruiting and retention programs as well as workplace safety programs.


Due to our relationships with the best retail brands in the nation, and our onsite embroidery, we can handle all your logoed apparel needs. We have a fully equipped in house embroidery business and are connected to top retail brands like Nike, Under Armour, Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, Adidas and Northface. In the state of Virginia, we are one of the top distributors of Nike and Under Armour. Whether your needs are a basic T-shirt or a high-quality polo from Peter Millar we will work within your budget to furnish any event or employee uniform program.


Developing forms of print advertising will help you stay relevant to your client. A tangible, readable product reminds your client of your services. The Branding Agency can create a huge variety of brochures, catalogs, print ads, and postcards. You will have a huge degree of creative freedom, but we will manage and execute production from your idea’s conception to its finished product. Our parent partners, Proforma, allow us to leverage a $500 million network. As a result, clients benefit from significant cost savings.

Digital Marketing

IP Targeting can significantly increase a company’s marketing success. We match IP addresses to specific households so that we can attract new audiences affordably and easily. As a result of this service, our clients can communicate with more people at lower costs. Advanced technology enables this streamlined technique to directly reach a client’s desired demographic. Due to the specificity and accuracy of this cookieless approach, it is uniquely effective.

Direct Mail

Sometimes a traditional marketing technique, like direct mail, is the best option. It is an incredibly reliable and well proven method to deliver your company’s message. By mailing advertisements straight to previous or potential clients, you promote your brand right at their doorstep. IP Targeting provides a ROI, better defines the target market, and increases the potency of direct mail.

Multimedia Services

Multimedia services help you stay relevant to your customers. Digital media ensures that your clients won’t forget you. We offer websites, interactive programs, HD videos, motion graphics and more. If you take advantage of the multimedia services we provide, it will be impossible for your clients to forget you.

Custom Web Sites

A creative and unique website can act as the face of your company. It’s important to present a professional online presence. Many people and potential clients check websites before inquiring about a product. Our highly qualified web designers and developers will work tirelessly so that your company has a competitive web presence. Thanks to our advanced coding technology and captivating visual designs, we have every element you need to make an impressive company website.

eCommerce Solutions

An eCommerce solution allows for security, trust, and noticeable results. These qualities are necessary to sell products or services directly, so that you can conduct online transactions seamlessly. The Branding Agency has the power to create a customized eCommerce solution that will completely match your needs. We can even integrate a third party in your website to yield a more budget friendly solution. Whether you opt for a custom or third-party strategy, we will develop an online solution that is trustworthy and profitable.

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